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I am writer, researcher, academic librarian, and occasional quilter… AND underreported African American history in NW Louisiana is my muse.
The following are my immediate, maternal surnames from rural NW Louisiana: Taylor, Gatterson, Holden, Cade. Then there are these things you learn along the way like the Cade’s are really the Bradford’s, the Adger’s are really the Bradford’s, Holden’s are really the Smith’s & Carter’s, and then the Cade’s are not only Bradford’s but Starlings too, etc. you soon begin scratching your head. Factoring in the size of the area (very likely the cute boy you sat next to at school was probably a cousin of sort), oral history, marriages, secret families, and arbitrary name changes, my main branches expanded to the following:
more to come.



  1. Hello Ms. Hubbard. Just wanted to make contact with you as I see that you are also doing research on African American history in Louisiana. My family surnames are Means, Haskins, Jacksons (Bossier Parish) and Bouies (Quachita Parish. I’m a George Paysinger distant relative (cousin). I believe that my Great-Great-great Grandfather Ruben Means was one of the 200 slaves who accompanied John Tyler Hamiter and others to Minden, LA before settling in Plain Dealing, LA. along with George Paysinger (“The Priceless Slave”) where my family hails from.

    I haven’t found many documents that would verify in my search but I’m beginning my search this summer. One of many interesting bits is that my Great-Great Grandfather Jack Ward is listed in the 1900 Census as being a laborer at the home of R.E Wyche (John T. Hamiter’s grandson).

  2. Mary H. Benson says:

    Hello My family is from Plain Dealing, Belcher. I am a Bankhead, Jackson Family member. I am related to Mr. George Allen through Mr. Leon Bankhead. I started researching my family history a few years ago but haven’t received much help from anyone I have been able to contact. I will be in Plain Dealing this summer to visit the cemetery where I hope to find more information for my Family Tree and maybe meet some new relatives.

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