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Buckhall Plantation, Bossier Parish


February 16, 2014 by elhseven

Buckhall Plantation

According to the Volume 4, page 112 of the 1856 Land Partition of Paulina DeGraffenried Gilmer & James Gilmer, Buckhall Plantation was located on the east quadrant of section 19, Township 19, Range 13 & the west quadrant of section 6, Township 19 and Range 13 with a total accumulation of 679 acres and 96 slaves. The plantation crossed both sides of the Red River and in 1859 was valued at $32,242 with a total number of 975 acres. The list below contains slaves designated at Buckhall plantation identified in the partition. Henry, Harrison, Albert Mitchell, Frank Graham, June, Bob, Richard Payne, Mark Batemon, George William, Sol Reid, John Bogart, George Lijan, Sarah, Elijah, Judy Hitt, Frank, Alexander Roft, Josephine, Charles Pemberton, George Jenkin, Bob Jenkins, Bill Barton, Slate, Quary, Morse, Ned Haywood, Jake Burnham, Titus, Bob Scott, Mary, Thomas, Adaline, Edmand, Sarah, Malinda, Dinah, Old Charles, Ellis, Milly, Julia, Chany, Marcella, Sylvia, Clarissa, Isabella, Sara Ann, Arthur, Ned, Martha, Jane, Nathan, Watson, Milda, Darcus, Sally, Tisly, Rody, Lizzie, Margaret, Henrietta, Patsey, William Green, Hammond, Savina, Phillis Williams, Ankrell, Rose, Charley Allen, Sampson, George (shoe shop), Peter, Reuben Y, Betsy Y, Yellow George, Jim Shumaker, Malinda, Jane, Henry Morse, Bartin, Emory, Lawson, Fanny, Malinda, Wick, Bill, Damps, Dave, Raff, Mary Jane Raff

1856 Land Partition of Paulina DeGraffenreid Gilmer versus James B. Gilmer

Lehman, Vivian & Smith, Edith. (2002). “NO LAND…ONLY SLAVES!” Volume 1. Texas: E. Smith & V. Lehman Publishing


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