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Hurricane Bluff Plantation, Bossier Parish


February 16, 2014 by elhseven

Hurricane Bluff Plantation

This 2,285 acre plantation, valued at $138,045 in 1857 was initially given to John Pickett Jr. as a part of his inheritance.  The slaves on Hurricane Bluff established Hurricane Bluff Baptist Church before the civil war. The church exists today at 1702 Park Avenue in Shreveport, LA. The following list includes indentured servants from the 1857 Hurricane Bluff plantation deed. Fortunately quite a few of the individuals mentioned were transferred as family units. I will therefore list them as such including the value that was placed by the slaveowner.

Abram $850
Billy, Manervia, Wiley, Vitter $2600
Bob Knox & Harriet $1700
Dick, $600
Charlotte, $250
Charles, Amanda & unnamed child $2300
Cyrus $800
Edmond $2000
Gincy $650
Graden, Lucinda, West, Polly, Brown, Berry $2900
Isaac, Sarah, Nathan $2800
Jesse, Jesse Jr., Jubar, Esther $2700
John, Betsey, L. John, $2450
Jordan, Green, Mahala $2400
Little Peter, Charlotte $2200
Lewis, Mary $2200
Morris, Amelia, Salina $2350
Plenti $1200
Patience $700
Peter Pickett, Minta, S. Winney, Dave, Olivia, Chloe, Angres $4500
Peter Mills & Mary $1000
Peter Sharp, Dinah, Sarah, Phil, Luris, Harrison, martin, Jennie, William $6450
Rose $750
Sylvia $850
Simon $1100
Tom $1200
Vincent & Winney $2500

-1856 Land Partition of Paulina deGraffenreid Gilmer versus James B. Gilmer
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Note* John Pickett, son of James Belton Pickett Sr. & Paulina deGraffenried Pickett, was born 6/21/1834 in Chester District, SC and died 9/1/1900 in Shreveport. John filed for bankruptcy in 1871 but oddly became the Louisiana State Treasurer from 1892-1896. He married Carrie Doles in 1875 and they had 21 children. He also fathered many slaves including a son name, Charles, in 1852 by Maria, a family house slave.


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