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Goldpoint Plantation, NW Louisiana


January 28, 2014 by elhseven

Goldpoint Plantation, Bossier, Parish

The following includes a list of indentured servants from Goldpoint plantation.  This 1857 conveyance record represents James Pickett Jr. receiving this 1,046 acre plantation valued at $112,570 as apart of his inheritance. The slaves at this plantation were actually transferred from the Willow Chute plantation. Fortunately quite a few of the individuals listed were transferred as family units. I will therefore list them as such including the value that was placed by the slaveowner.

Alexander, Sukey, Wade $1,500
Big Eliza, Sicily, Sam $2,400
Ben, Sally, Kato, Big Mary, Albert, Jane, Joel $5750
Braddus, Hester, Calvin $1000
Charly, Lizzy, Tammer, Tally, Levi Noah, Hester, $3,300
Cupid, Henrietta $1,000
Dubbin, Jim Buck, Lizzie $2800
Edmond, Mary, Florris, $2150
Edy, Emeline, Frankey $1750
Harry $1,200
Henry $400
Issac, Amanda, Esther, Channy, $2650
Jim Hickory, Mary Cupie, Sarah, Luky $3,500
John Pearce, Hetty $2,050
John Guthridge $400
Jerry, Jemima, Christina $2,300
Jerry White Hat, Eliza $1,400
Louisa, Pinckney, Myatt $1800
Minerva, Louisiana, Green $1450
Mary Knox, Rose, Morris, Ellen, Belton, $3700
Peter, Letha, Perry, Hanibal, Harry, Francis, Dick, $3950
Reuben, Little Mary, $2900
Seaborn Bradford, Gracy, Charlotte, Melly, Regina $1,400
Tally, Mahala, Ellison, Teague, Blake, Milkey, Thomas, $4250
Will, Violet, Dave, George, Nancy $3000

1856 Land Partition of Paulina DeGraffenreid Gilmer versus James B. Gilmer

Vivian Lehman  & Edith Smith, NO LAND…ONLY SLAVES Volume 1. (Texas: E. Smith & V. Lehman Publishing, 2002)

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The following are listed as prospective members of Red River Baptist Church in 1862 sent for baptism from Gold Point Plantation. This was a very common practice by slaveowners who felt their slaves benefited from religious services in order to help deter ‘unlawful’ behavior such as disobedience or escape.  You know, God forbid they would ever dream of doing that. Gold Point plantation was owned & operated at that time by a young slaveowner, James Belton Pickett Jr. along the Red River in Bossier parish.

Randle, Jim, Frank, Jerry, Lewis, Edmund, Jim Buck, Tally, Alfred, George, Calvin, Albert Teague, Phillip, Dave, Harry, Jerry, W.L., Peter, John, Ben, Mary Knox, Betsey, Louisa, Amanda, Elizabeth, Charles, Hester, Sen, Mahala, Rosa, Violet, Sally, Mary, Ben, Eliza, Minerva, Hetty, Mary Cupid, Ellen, Eliza Big, Caroline, Jane, Anna, Hester Jr., Mary F., Emiline, Josephine, Elizabeth, Buck, Ester, Sophia, Mahala Jr., Daffney, Leddy, Annie, Sam, Morris, Seborn, Wade, Edie, Charlotte Anne, Gracy, Cissaly, Fanny, Tom, Jim Bebows, Louisiana, Violet.

*Red River Baptist Church Minute Book , The Bossier Parish Library Historical Center, Accession #: 2001.008.001


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